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ShareholderIQ Analyst Contributed Research and Commentary

  • Intended for startups, VC funding is definitely in season

    Jason Rowley Contributor Jason Rowley is an investment capital and technology reporter to get Crunchbase News . A lot more posts by this factor: We’ ve entered the  canine days   associated with summer. For many, that means period on the beach, backyard barbecues and, if you’ lso are like us, seeking out the particular blissful respite afforded with a Continue Reading

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  • CPG investing platform CircleUp will issue loans to help customer brands grow

    It’ s hard raising cash as a consumer packaged items (CPG) company, but a single startup wants to make it simpler. CircleUp , which probably already helps consumer supplements raise millions in value financing, is now going to aspect loans to help smaller CPG companies raise working capital avoiding cash crunches. Historically CircleUp has worked an equity investment business focused Continue Reading

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  • Red stripe acquires Payable to help on demand businesses manage 1099 taxes reporting

    Using its Stripe Connect product,   Stripe   would like to make it easier on-demand plus marketplace businesses to not just process payments from their clients, but also make payments in order to contractors and vendors. In order to bolster the tax confirming tools available to them, the company offers acquired long-term companion Payable . Payable operates a platform

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  • After raising $70M, Betterment expands financial advice to all users

    Online wealth management startup Betterment might have launched as a robo-advisor, but increasingly the company is turning to humans to answer its customers’ most pressing questions. On the heels of announcing a fresh $70 million in funding led by Swedish investment firm Kinnevik AB, Betterment is launching a

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  • August Home raises another $25 million as it expands service partnerships for its smart locks

    When August Home raised its last big round nearly two and half years ago, the smart lock maker was targeting retail expansion. That’s still part of the plan for the company’s new $25 million Series C, but the real story of this latest round is increasing focus on its partnership program, August Access. 

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  • icon_16Financial Market IntelligenceReal-time market data analysis and processing generates ideas for our analysts to review.
  • icon_17Stock Analyst ReviewIssuer alerts manually screened for financials, comparables, management, industry trends and boker research.
  • icon_18Diversified Hedged RiskOur platform promotes a diversified portfolio approach hedged to capitalize on sharp changes in the stock market.
  • icon_24Economic ResearchInternational economic research merges data, analytics, tools & news to illustrate trends that drive financial markets.
  • icon_19300+ Third-Party Data Contributors1,200+ primers deliver insight including: financial fundamentals and key factors likely to impact the issuer.
  • icon_20Industry & Sector ResearchSpans 10 major sectors & 130+ industries with performance factors, recent transactions & valuation drivers.
  • icon_21Legislation AnalysisAnticipate how international actions, politics and legislation impact companies, industries & portfolios.
  • icon_23International Credit MarketsBy better understanding credit ratings & debt capacity, gain insight into issuer and industry trend cycles.

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