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  • Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro announces $100M startup fund

    Security firm Trend Micro is the latest corporate to jump into the startup investment world after it unveiled a $100 million corporate fund today. It is predominantly looking at opportunities in the internet-of-things (IoT) space, but the exact scope of how it will operate is not clear. The company is headquartered in Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where its Continue Reading

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  • Diffblue, a University of Oxford spin-out, raises $22M Series A to bring AI to software development

    The U.K.’s Oxford University continues to be a hotbed of AI talent, fuelling not just academic research into AI but also the ambitions of startups and large technology companies alike. The latest Oxford-based AI startup to make headlines is Diffblue, a University of Oxford spin-out that is applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to software development. The . . . You need Continue Reading

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  • Your.MD raises $10M to grow AI-driven health information service and marketplace

    Your.MD, an AI-driven health information service delivered via a bot, has raised $10 million in new funding. The round was led by Orkla Ventures, the venture arm of Orkla, a leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the health, pharmacy, and grocery sectors in the Nordics, Baltics and parts of Central Europe. Existing investor Smedvig Capital and other unnamed existing Continue Reading

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  • Stayawhile gets $1. 5M to the sweet spot among Airbnb and long-term leases

    New York-based startup Stayawhile announced today that will it’ s scored $1. 5 million in seeds funding to provide travelers using what founder Janine Yorio calls “ medium-term housing. ” It’ s a half way point between your standard hotel/Airbnb stay and a year-plus residence lease, aimed at vacations plus business travelers who’ deb like to spread out their remain Continue Reading

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  • Infarm wants to put a plantation in every grocery store

    Imagine a future to go into a grocery store to purchase some fresh basil, plus, as you traverse the section, instead of polythene bags that contains mass-produced snippets of the natural herb that have been flown in through thousands of miles away, ahead are a stack of lighted containers, each housing the mini basil farm. The plants are being monitored Continue Reading

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