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  • Alibaba, Tencent, Didi and other technology firms pour $12B directly into mobile operator China Unicom

    Customer about to take net neutrality to the next level after a number of influential tech companies which includes Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Didi Chuxing and JD. possuindo agreed to invest nearly $12 billion dollars into state-run mobile owner China Unicom. China Unicom is the country’ s second largest owner with 269 million cellular customers, which makes it one of the Continue Reading

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  • Verified: Color Genomics is in the last stages of an $80 mil Series C financing circular

    Hereditary health screening startup Color Genomics   is in the final stages associated with allocations for an $80 mil Series C financing circular, TechCrunch has confirmed using the company. Axios first spotted Colour had raised $52 mil so far in a recent SEC filing . The organization has since told TechCrunch it . . . You need to have an Continue Reading

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  • Toby Ng is raising the $150M AI Fund

    All of us knew that Andrew Ng had more than just a series of deeply learning courses up his sleeve whenever he announced the first stage of his deeplearning. ai last week. It’ s very clear now that the turn associated with Ng’ s three component act is a $150 million venture capital fund targeting AI . . . You Continue Reading

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  • Data source provider MongoDB has submitted confidentially for IPO

    MongoDB has filed confidentially pertaining to IPO, sources tell TechCrunch. The company has submitted a good S-1 filing in the past couple weeks and is aiming to go general public before the end of the 12 months. New York-based MongoDB helps companies which includes Adobe, eBay and Citigroup manage databases. Some of the offerings include its name-bearing MongoDB open source Continue Reading

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  • Huddle is a mental health application that aims to be a secure space to share with colleagues

    Lalu Blackman’ s father was obviously a well-known man in the community associated with his small Pennsylvania city. He was a lawyer, happened to run a good business and everybody liked him and enjoyed drinking with him. Their dad died a few years back from a combination of liver plus lung cancer. His father was what they call the functioning Continue Reading

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