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Just how High Net Worth People Invest: Their Asset Portion Breakdown

In a previous post  we all learned  that  the richer one gets,   the particular larger  the business component within the individual’ s internet worth composition . As soon as you hit a net really worth of $100 million, the business enterprise component reaches roughly fifty percent of net worth. Even though most of us …
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Monetary Samurai Mid-Year 2018 Private Goals Checkup

Since it’s a quiet week with nobody around, I thought I’d do some more mid-year reflecting. To hold my feet to the fire, I’ve been setting public goals for a while now. But I’ve mostly just checked in at year-end, leaving me no opportunity to course correct during the year in case I was lagging. Oftentimes, I wouldn’t even remember what…
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Economic Samurai Mid-Year 2018 Expense Review And Outlook

After the 10% 1Q correction,   I did a great deal of  reflecting and made the decision that I had a lot of risk exposure .   As a result, I decided to proceed from roughly a 70/30 stock/bond weighting down to the 55/45 stock/bond weighting simply by selling stocks when the marketplace clawed back…
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