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What Are You Saving And Investing So Diligently For?

Art by Now that tax season is over, it’s a good time to reflect on why you are saving and investing so diligently. Reminding yourself of the why is an important motivator to keep going. Goodness knows it’s too easy to eat one more cookie and find ourselves unrecognizable 10 years later when we…
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The Importance Of Forecasting Your Misery To Live A Happier Life

Whenever I meet a fresh college graduate at a random mixer, I’m inevitably hit with a wave of bubbly enthusiasm that’s rarely found in my circle of older friends. Phrases such as, “I love my job,” “I believe in my company’s mission,” “this city is so amazing,” and “we’re making the world a better place,”…
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The primary Reasons To File A Taxes Extension Beyond Late K-1s

For the past many years I’ ve filed the tax extension. A taxes extension allows taxpayers arranging for a six-month extension when they need more time to prepare their particular tax returns. The neat factor is that you can obtain an extension for virtually every reason, so long as you submit Type 4868 electronically or…
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