Market Intelligence, Business Development & Investor Outreach

  • icon_16Financial Market IntelligenceReal-time market data analysis and processing generates ideas for our analysts to review.
  • icon_17Stock Analyst ReviewIssuer alerts manually screened for financials, comparables, management, industry trends and boker research.
  • icon_18Diversified Hedged RiskOur platform promotes a diversified portfolio approach hedged to capitalize on sharp changes in the stock market.
  • icon_24Economic ResearchInternational economic research merges data, analytics, tools & news to illustrate trends that drive financial markets.
  • icon_19300+ Third-Party Data Contributors1,200+ primers deliver insight including: financial fundamentals and key factors likely to impact the issuer.
  • icon_20Industry & Sector ResearchSpans 10 major sectors & 130+ industries with performance factors, recent transactions & valuation drivers.
  • icon_21Legislation AnalysisAnticipate how international actions, politics and legislation impact companies, industries & portfolios.
  • icon_23International Credit MarketsBy better understanding credit ratings & debt capacity, gain insight into issuer and industry trend cycles.